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Moon In Cancer: A Mother's Day Post

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The Moon is in her own sign in Cancer. I once told a friend I was not psychic like she was, and she, with her Moon in Cancer, said, yes you are, you can spot a woman with a Moon in Cancer a mile away.

She was right. I totally gravitate to women with Moon in Cancer. Many of my friends have had this signature. What is it I love about them?

It is one of the most nurturing placements one can find. Moon is the nurturer and Cancer loves to nurture. The one sentence summation for Moon in Cancer in the book *Astrology* by Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas is *A woman nurses her baby.*.

Women with Moon in Cancer have a high EQ, or emotional intelligence. They don't always have an easy childhood or an easy relationship with their mother, but this only seems to encourage a capacity to nurture.

Duchess Kate of Middleton is a good example of someone with Moon in Cancer. In house 10, her mothering role is part of her career. And she has stood up for the right to raise her children as she sees fit. Sympathy and protection are Cancer keywords.

Those with Moon in Cancer are very loyal to the clan, but also very good to their friends. They almost always have just the right thing to say.

There is a nostalgia for the childhood and the home. A Cancer Moon person can also be very moody. As the lunar nature is cyclical, so are those with the moon born in this sign. Moon in Cancer people are very intuitive, so much so that they can seem to be psychic. They are also deep, with lots of soul.

Famous women with Moon in Cancer include Penelope Cruz, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ann Patchett and Antonia Fraser.

If you have a child with Moon in Cancer you may be the subject of a story someday. Marcel Proust had both Sun and Moon in Cancer.

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