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Ending Degrees

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

There is a bit of magic about having a planet or other point in your chart at the final degree of a sign, whether in the natal chart or by progression. This planetary energy can be felt for even the last few degrees of a sign

Here are some examples of how final degrees can manifest in the natal chart:

The last degrees of Taurus are affiliated with luxury and wealth. Nancy Astor had the Sun at 28 Taurus, Tony Blair has the Sun at 29 Taurus. Bob Dylan has Jupiter in house 5 at 29 Taurus. Dylan is wealthy in both children and words. Since late degrees are ending degrees, it can also mean endings. The writer Mary McCarthy has Saturn at 28 Taurus in house 7, and she had 4 marriages. Martha Stewart has Uranus at 29 Taurus in house 7, conjunct Saturn at 27 Taurus. Her husband left her when she was out promoting her book on Weddings.

So if you look at a chart and see the late degrees of Taurus, chances are good the person has wealth, either material or in some other manifestation. If you have a planet progressing through the last degree of this sign, it may signal a period of luxury in your life.

Late degrees of Gemini are associated with a wealth of words, and can also be associated with learning through travel. Julia Child had Pluto in 29 Gemini in the 2nd house. She became wealthy through her writing of cook books, which had their origin in her travels to France.

Winston Churchill, perhaps the greatest orator of the millennium, had 29 Gemini on the Midheaven. A female colleague with an incredibly quick wit has Mercury at 28 Gemini in the first house. She also writes travelogues and posts them when she travels.

Leonard Cohen, poet, novelist and songwriter had a 27 Gemini Midheaven. One of my favorite writers (Laurie Colwin) had Saturn at 29 Gemini in house 8. Her books are witty and are often about affairs, an 8th house topic.

Shirley Temple has Moon in 29 Gemini in house 7, and it would seem she had a near photographic memory for words at a very young age. Universal popularity has well.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, the aviator and author of *The Little Prince* had Neptune in 27 Gemini in House 10. Whimsical and wise.

Progressed planets or angles going through 29 degrees of Gemini can mean the last opportunity to be flighty and unsettled before settling down with the progression into 0 Cancer and creating a family, buying a home, etc.

Final degrees of Cancer are affiliated with family ties in one way or another, often with a strong sense of responsibility. Inherited wealth. The quintessential last degree of Cancer chart is that of young Prince George who was born with the Sun at 29 Cancer 59 in the 8th house. Since the final degree is associated with endings, it could be he will be the last King of England.

When the degree is the penultimate degree, it expresses the sign in a very strong way. So this young prince has an incredible connection with family. Note he is even growing up with the maternal grandparents living next door.

The New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast has Jupiter at 29 degrees Cancer in house 7. To me this means through her husband she finally found her family. She was an only child of older parents, and thus had the sole responsibility of seeing them through old age. She wrote an award winning book, *Can't we Talk about Something Pleasant?* about this experience.

A young kindergarten teacher I know has Venus in 29 Cancer in house 10. She is going to move back to her hometown to teach and be close to her sisters and her mom and her young niece and nephew.

A childhood friend with Moon at 29 Cancer close to her 1 Leo Midheaven has made a career out of counseling. She is very gifted and nurtures her clients.

Jane Fonda has Pluto at 29 Cancer in house 7, with three marriages. Mary Tyler Moore had Moon at 27 Cancer in house 5 with Pluto at 28 Cancer. Her only child died. Natalie Wood has Sun at 27 Cancer, Mars at 28 Cancer and Pluto at 29 Cancer in house 10. A powerful career and a mystery laden ending.

Late Degrees of Leo are associated with wealth, glamour and a magnetic personality. People with late degrees of Leo literally command a room.

My favorite example is Winston Churchill who has the Moon in 29 degrees of Leo in house 11. He is known to have said, *We are all worms. But I believe that I am a glow worm.* He led his country through WWII.

Princess Diana had a 29 Leo North Node in the 8th house. Incredible magnetism. Through her husband's wealth she had glittering jewels, if not happiness. She shared her warmth to those who were dying of AIDs.

Donald Trump has a 29 Leo Ascendant and is known for ostentatious wealth.

A young father I know has Moon in 29 Leo in house 7. He met his beautiful wife when he walked into a crowded bar and she took note of him from across the room and beckoned him over.

The actress who played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Olivia Hussey, has Moon in 29 Leo in house 5. Her beauty fit the line *Oh she doth teach the torches to burn bright!*

Jackie Kennedy had a 28 Leo Midheaven, Princess Margaret has Sun at 28 Leo in house 6, and Maggie Thatcher Moon at 29 Leo in house 9.

Margaret Trudeau has Saturn at 28 Leo in house 9. Famous for her globe trotting with celebrities while married to the Prime Minister of Canada.

Late degrees of Virgo are associated with wit, wisdom and a strong desire for perfection. They want to be in control. They usually work hard over the use of the language. Again, Winston Churchill, with a 29 Degree Virgo ascendant is a perfect example. Wit and wisdom abound and he did like to be the one in control.

Leonard Cohen had a 27 Virgo Sun on a 27 Virgo Ascendant. With the words to his songs, he had to get it right. He told Dylan it took him five years to write Hallelujah, and many would agree it is the perfect song.

Joni Mitchell has Venus at 28 Virgo in the 4th house. Was she looking for perfection in love? No doubt her house is beautiful and full of her artwork, as she is a painter as well. In my sample of late degree Virgo planets, there are more than a few artists.

An extremely witty co-worker has a 29 Virgo Ascendant and can quote Shakespeare as appropriate to the situation.

Carole King, one of the best songwriters has Neptune at 29 Virgo in house 12. Shirley MacLaine has a 29 Virgo ascendant. Sissy Spacek has Mars on her Ascendant at 29 Virgo.

The desire of those with this degree for perfection can at times be challenging for those who live with them.

Last degrees of Aries

Aries is always first, so I am putting it halfway through this article. I also have a smaller sample to work from on this degree, so what I write here should not be taken as definitive. 29 Aries has to be approached with caution. Lots of energy can exist, but it has to be used wisely.

Edie Sedgwick had Sun in 29 aries in house 11. She hung out with the Andy Warhol crowd (11th house = friends) and burned the candle at both ends, dying young.

Dane Rudhyar, Venus in 28 Aries in the 4th house, invented a new way of looking at the life cycle through the progressed lunation cycle.

A brother in law with Sun at 29 Aries in 5th house was an all state soccer player. Aries tend to be great soccer players in general.

I have an example of a wedding chart with Venus at 29 Aries. Last degrees can signify endings. This marriage went downhill in a really bad way. Might be worth avoiding ending degrees when choosing a time to begin something new like a marriage.

Last Degrees of Libra

This degree to me signifies people with extremely high EQs. (Emotional quotient). They always say just the right thing, and are extremely gracious. They generally have perfect manners.

Roz Chast, my favorite New Yorker cartoonist, has Neptune at 27 Libra in house 10, and Juno at 28 Libra in house 10. While Neptune in house 10 is often associated with glamour (Princess Diana, Princess Grace, Jackie Kennedy, to name a few) Roz Chast creates humor in part by drawing the ultimate frazzled and anti-glamorous housewives in bedroom slippers. She says just the right thing to maximize the humor.

A best friend has a 29 Libra midheaven. She is a never at a loss for the perfect words.

Greg Allman had Moon at 27 Libra in house 12, and had more than his share of endings.

Annette Funicello, the top Musketeer, had Sun at 29 Libra in house 4.

Princess Grace had Venus at 29 Libra in house 12. She was very aptly named. Famous for her marriage to a Prince.

The son of a best friend has Sun and Mercury at 29 Libra in house 9. He is on track to becoming an English professor, studying poetry. He has perfect manners, and always aims to please.

Last Degrees of Scorpio

This is a very intense degree that never fails to make the person interesting, often through life challenges. A certain degree of magnetism is always present, and a great degree of knowledge of life.

A former colleague with Neptune in 28 Scorpio in the 4th, adopted her sister's autistic child.

Obama has a 28 degree Scorpio MC. His intensity at times is hidden by his gemini moon, but it is there.

A friend with Mars in 29 Scorpio in the 4th house, survived a very dysfunctional childhood and is extremely together, wise for her age, and has created her own perfect family.

Another friend with Saturn in 28 Scorpio in house 6 has spent a good part of her life dealing with health issues. Marie Curie had Mars at 29 Scorpio in house 10.

George Eliot had Sun in 29 Scorpio in house 2. One of the best examples of the magnetism of Scorpio is Bobby Kennedy who has Sun at 28 Scorpio in the 7th house, close to the 8th house cusp.

A best friend with Sun at 29 Scorpio in the 12th house is one of the deepest and most knowledgable human beings I know.

Carl Jung, the philosopher/analyst has MC at 29 Scorpio.

A progressed planet or luminary or angle at 29 Scorpio can indicate a challenging time, when you know something is ending but have no idea what is next. Luckily for most of us Sagittarius is next!

Last degrees of Sagittarius

Late degrees of this sign indicates a bounty of something, as well as a desire to keep options open. Often wisdom is bountiful.

Wealth can be associated with this placement as well, as can extravagance.

Churchill had 29 Sagittarius on his 4th house cusp. He was known for providing bountiful dinners to many guests. He spent a great deal of money on his country home in Chartwell, and also on fine wines and liquor and cigars, among many other items. See *Churchill Style-The art of Being Winston Churchill*.

Judy Garland had Moon at 29 Sagittarius in the 6th house, too many pills? Jane Fonda has Sun at 29 Sagittarius in house 11. Known in the 80s as the ultimate exercise queen.

Coco Chanel had an Ascendant at 29 Sagittarius.

A relative with Mars in 29 Sagittarius in house 7 kept her marriage options open, accepting her 8th marriage proposal to someone (with Sagittarius rising) when she was in her 40s.

A wise professor I know has Saturn at 27 Sagittarius in house 10.

St. Teresa of Avila had Pluto conjunct MC at 29 Sagittarius. Otherworldly wisdom.

Last degrees of Capricorn

The artist-the perfectionist

When studying charts of those I knew with this degree I had an epiphany. Most of the charts I studied were those of artists. It is associated with perfection, which is sometimes required of an artist. Examples include my sister in law (Jupiter at 29 Capricorn in house 6- works with prints and wood, very earthy) , my father in law (Mars at 28 Capricorn in house 11, offered a job by Disney to draw cartoons but became a professor instead), a friend's spouse who is an amazing painter, Sun 29 Capricorn in house 11, and Prince George who has Moon in 28 Capricorn in house 2 . Time will tell for the Prince.

Another friend has Sun at 29 Capricorn in house 11 with Venus at 29 Capricorn. He created the most perfect high mass Catholic wedding (his) that I have ever attended. Many bishops and priests in the processional, and music by the composer who had created the music for the Pope's Mass at Catholic. It was truly a work of art.

George Eliot, author of one the best novels ever written (Middlemarch) had Moon in Capricorn in house 3. Great writer.

Mary Tyler Moore had Mercury at 27 Capricorn in house 11, creator with Dick Van Dyke of some of the best laughs.

Patricia Neal (great actress) had Sun in 29 Capricorn in house 2.

Robert F. Kennedy had Moon in 28 Capricorn in house 10.

Antonia Fraser, author, has Saturn in 29 Capricorn on her 7th house cusp.

Leo Tolstoy, perhaps the greatest novelist of all time, had Uranus at 28 Capricorn in house 8.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has Mars at 29 Capricorn. He wants to control world market.

Last Degree of Aquarius

The last degrees of Aquarius can show a unique type of genius. Unusual in some spectacular way.

Jane Fonda, Mars in Aquarius in first house. Took exercise to a new level.

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, had Pluto in 29 Aquarius in house 10.

Yoko Ono, Sun in 29 Aquarius in house 5. Creator of some of the strangest art ever.

Gelsey Kirkland, famous cocaine addicted ballerina, with Mars at 29 Aquarius in first house. Wrote *Dancing on my Grave*.

A friend's former spouse, Moon in 28 Aquarius in house 1. The most spectacular midlife crisis ever.

Marie Curie, Jupiter in 28 Aquarius in House 1. Discovered radium and polonium, and developed the theory of radioactivity.

Last Degrees of Pisces The last degree of the zodiac. Spiritual and often healers. Frank Clifford humorously calls this the degree of rest cures, religion and pills.

A friend who is a therapist, and great healer. Saturn conjunct the MC at 29 Pisces.

Another wise therapist friend, who works with teens, Sun at 29 Pisces in house 5. Also has her own unique and very artistic style of dress.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, known for her love poetry, Venus conjunct Descendant at 28 Pisces.

Judy Collins, Jupiter at 28 Pisces in house 8. Known for making famous the song *Who Knows where the Time Goes*.

Simone de Beauvoir, Moon at 29 Pisces in 4th house conjunct Mars at 28 Pisces. Existentialist who lost her teaching job for seducing her female students.

Olivia Hussey, Jupiter at 29 Pisces in house 12. Beautiful movie star who developed agoraphobia.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross had Uranus at 29 Pisces in house 1. She was famous for ushering the dying into the next life.

Marylin Monroe had Uranus at 29 Pisces in house 8. Mystery surrounding her death from painkillers.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, Venus in 28 Pisces in the 6th house. Her mother and grandmother both died when she was 2 days old. Known for her quick and biting wit.

Queen Victoria, Saturn in 28 Pisces in house 11, ruler of an empire but also known for her very public mourning of her husband after he died.

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