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Elon Musk-Aquarian Enigma

Whatever you think about Elon Musk, he is newsworthy. And his astrological chart is a great one for showcasing certain astrological themes. The Great Communicator Musk has 29 degrees of Gemini rising. Ending degrees are invariably interesting. Gemini is the sign of the communicator, and one has to consider him as an uber communicator. His most recent newsworthy event is an attempt to buy Twitter and to remove some of regulations on the platform that he believes censor free speech. With Gemini rising, Musk has Mercury in Cancer in the 1st house as his chart ruler. Mercury is in a square to Uranus, so that accentuates the need to express himself freely. Uranus is also placed in his third house, which is communication. Pluto is there as well, so it could be said communicating is a passion for him. Venus is in Gemini in the 12th house, and even though hidden away in the 12th, Venus in Gemini is still a love of communicating. He has to be able to talk to his romantic partners. Musk also has a Virgo Moon on the cusp of the third house, which gives it a Gemini vibe. Geminis love to talk. Free Speech Advocate and Provocateur I always thought of Musk as an Aquarius. He is not, but he has Mars in Aquarius conjunct the North Node in the 8th house. Aquarius is the sign of the zodiac most likely to go its own way, not caring what other people think. Planets in Aquarius (or a strong Uranus, ruler of Aquarius) often indicate an eccentric genius. Mars in Aquarius is only predictable to the extent you know you can't really know what will happen next, except that it will be something out of the ordinary. If you find Mars in Aquarius in a house in your solar return, pay attention, as it will change the affairs of that house. Those with Mars in Aquarius in their charts enjoy surprising people. Per Rob Hand, Aquarians are not content to perfect themselves, they desire to perfect all of society. They are better at loving all of mankind rather than an individual human being. Mars is your outgoing energy vibe, and for men, their masculinity. The 8th house is a sex, death, taxes and other peoples money. Aquarius is all about freedom and Mars in Aquarius will fight for freedom, including freedom of speech. Aquarians like to break rules, and Musk has shown that to be the case. Aquarians are also very progressive, and he has been a fighter for the environment, including making available the Tesla, which has now set the standard for electric cars and caused other automobile companies to follow suit. Aquarius is also associated with technology and inventions. Note also his Sun is in square to Uranus, which is similar to being an Aquarius. And his Sun Mercury midpoint is equal to Uranus. According to Ebertin (Combination of Stellar Influences) this planetary picture is as follows: Incoherent and erratic thinking, sudden ideas, inventions, a flair for applied science and technology, organization and reforms. Adjustment to new circumstances in life. Extreme Wealth As the richest man in the world, one has to ask how does that show up in his chart? He has Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th house (fruitful) exactly sextile Pluto in the 3rd house. Jupiter Pluto is the classic wealth aspect. The ruler of his second house (money) is the Sun in Cancer (another fertile sign) on the Ascendant. Those born with Sun on the Ascendant are usually successful. The Midheaven (career) is Aries, which is ruled by Mars in Aquarius. Remember that Mars is unusual, and having a net worth of $264 billion is unusually wealthy. It is interesting to note that his Jupiter is opposed by Saturn. One astrology book I read said that a square or opposition between these two planets precludes success. I think Musk has proven this wrong. Multiples of Projects and Children and Partners Geminis like to have more than one thing going. With the ending degree of Gemini on his Ascendant, Musk is involved with many companies, including Tesla, Space X and Starlink, to name but a few. Jupiter in the 5th in Scorpio can indicate many children and he currently has 6 boys and one girl, and most came into being with IVF technology. The latest, his daughter, was born to a surrogate. Technology is very Aquarian and his 5th house Jupiter is square to Mars in Aquarius, in the 8th. He also has Sun in Cancer conjunct Ceres at 6 degrees Cancer* in the first house. Being a father is clearly very important to Musk and one has to imagine he is quite a fun Dad. His 7th house cusp (intimate partners) is 29 Sagittarius. Again, 29 degrees indicates the sign's traits are very strong, and Sagittarius is a double bodied sign, indicating more than one marriage when on the 7th house cusp. He has been married twice, and is not lacking for partners. Venus in Gemini is trine Mars in Aquarius. When Venus and Mars make an aspect, the person is attractive to potential romantic partners. This is true even of the square. Venus in the 12th can indicate someone who is very idealistic about love, so a search for the perfect partner. Early Life With Chiron exact on his midheaven, the wounded healer in the house of the father, Musk has spoken about his estrangement from his father. Also, as a child, Elon Musk was bullied. Genius children often have trouble fitting in with their peers. Saturn is in his 11th house of friends, oppose Neptune in the 5th. The ruler of his fourth house (early childhood) is Venus, placed in the 12th house, which can indicate isolation. Musk has Moon square Saturn, which can indicate an early lack of nurturing, and in a 2017 interview for Rolling Stone Musk stated he never wanted to be alone. His Juno (asteroid of marriage) is 13 Leo* conjunct the South Node, trine Chiron. The South Node is the path of least resistance. The goal in this lifetime (North Node) is to work toward independence-Mars in Aquarius conjunct the North Node. Progressions and other indications In less than one year Musk will have his progressed Midheaven conjunct Saturn. This happens on August 5, 2022. This can either indicate career blocks or a career peak. His Solar Arc Mars is opposite natal Uranus on April 28, 2022. This could indicate a change or a move of home, or a time when he should simply proceed cautiously. The Solar Return for Musk for the upcoming year (run for place of birth) shows Venus, Mercury and Moon all in his 7th house, with Moon conjunct natal Venus, so I don't think he will have to worry about being alone. Also favorable is his progressed Ascendant is sextile natal Venus this year. Musk is an interesting character and his chart is a good teaching chart for learning astrologers. * Note this is the corrected placement from the Oxford Astrologer's Asteroid Ephemeris. For the years of the 20th Century, the position of the asteroids in standard astrology programs can be off. NASA only started being exact on minor planetary bodies in the 90s, after an astronomer predicted (wrongly) that a minor planetary body was going to hit the Earth. At that point Congress appropriated money to NASA to track these objects.

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