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I think I have always been into divination. My Mom had coffee table books on astrology when I was growing up and I took note. But I did not become really hooked until I went to law school for a year in London and one of the other law students invited me to attend meetings at the Astrological Lodge where W.B. Yeats once studied the ancient science. I also haunted the bookstores in London that year, reading astrology books. One in particular I remember was Compendium Books, which sadly no longer exists.


Astrology and the law are a bit similar, they are both systems of thought that allow for a fair degree of interpretation. But one is right brain and the other is left brain. We all need a balance. 

So when I returned to Madison, Wisconsin to finish law school I would sit in my bedroom overlooking the lake with a cup of coffee and cast charts. It was so much fun. I think the computer has taken a little bit of the magic out of it all. You had to learn the math, but it was a very nice process. 


Astrology can be practiced in a Jungian manner, without the prediction. However, nearly everyone who wants their chart done wants a glimpse into the future. It is human nature to be curious. The way to understand both charts and the art of predicting is to do the charts of all your family and friends, and keep a journal of all major events and what the transits and progressions were at the time. I have a series of such journals. 


Astrology is also its own language. Over the years I have had friends here and there who speak the language, and that has been educational and enjoyable. Astrology is also a really good way to connect with your intuition. Also, you do get to know people if you look at their charts and hopefully for those close to you, understand them better. Do you have a child with Moon In Taurus? They cannot be rushed. A spouse with Mercury and Sun in Virgo when your own Mercury is in Sagittarius sextile Mars? Communication will be an issue. 


So by all means, learn about your chart, if only to know more about why you are here.

Antique Fountain Pen with stars and moon
Headshot of Peg O'Donnell, astrologer based in DC


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