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Nocturne, Black and Gold, The Fire Wheel



Contact me if you have a group that would like to sign up for  classes.  I can also do individual tutorials. I will be teaching a class on relationships at 4 pm at the Balian Springs Wellness Summit on October 22 in Alexandria, VA.

Week 1: Introduction to Signs


This week will focus on a deeper understanding of the 12 signs of the zodiac, key to an 
understanding of astrology.

Week 2: Planets and Houses


Week two reviews the planets, the houses, and what it means for a planet to reside in a particular house of the chart.

Planets in Houses by Sasportas


Astrology Karma and Transformation

Week 3: The math of Astrology

Understanding the Ephemeris and the nature of the aspects.

Get the American Ephemeris 1950-2050 at Midnight


Sue Tompkins Aspects in Astrology


Aspects and Orbs in Astrology


Copies of chart w/o aspect table so you can identify aspects


Week 4: The Inner Planets

Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars through the signs. 

Venus Mars Combinations


What your Venus says about you


*Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

Week 5: Astrological Compatibility

Finding your True Love and Making it work. 

Readings from the Blog


Readings from Tea and Rosemary


Discussion of Black Moon Lilith

Pricing + Registration


$250 for 5 classes, payable at the beginning of the first class. Each class will be two hours long. We will use your charts as part of the class. If you would like to join the class please reserve your spot by filling out the contact form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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