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Nocturne, Black and Gold, The Fire Wheel



Week 1: Introduction to Signs

January 20th 2019


This week will focus on a deeper understanding of the 12 signs of the zodiac, key to an 
understanding of astrology.

Week 2: Planets and Houses

January 27th  2019


Week two reviews the planets, the houses, and what it means for a planet to reside in a particular house of the chart.

Week 3: The math of Astrology

February 3rd  2019

Understanding the Ephemeris and the nature of the aspects.


Week 4: Understanding the Natal Chart

February 10th  2019

Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars through the signs. 

Week 5: Astrological Compatibility

February 17th  2019

 Finding your True Love and Making it work. 

Week 6: Understanding your Chart 

February 24th  2019

Learning How to Read an astrological Chart. 

Pricing + Registration


$300 for 6 classes, payable at the beginning of the first class. If you would like to join the class please reserve your spot by filling out the contact form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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