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  • Peggy O'Donnell

What They Don't Tell You About Your Horoscope

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

There are so many sun sign columns out there, in magazines, the newspaper and on astrology web sites. And most of them have this one odd thing in common. They are not writing up your horoscope based upon your sun sign.

All of these predictions are based upon the sign that is rising at the time of your birth. You can easily find this out by entering your birthtime into an online chart calculator such as the one at

Once you know your rising sign (also called the Ascendant) you should then read your horoscope for that sign. The transits of the planets through the houses (based upon your rising sign) are the basis for all that you are reading. Once in a while, it also pays to read for your sun sign, as the author may take that into consideration.

If you were born at sunrise you will have the same ascendant as your sun sign. So a Scorpio born at the time the sun rises in November will also have a Scorpio ascendant. However, that same person born at sunset will have Taurus rising, which is the opposing sign.

It gets complicated if you were born with a late degree rising. For example if your Ascendant is 29 Taurus then you might also read for Gemini rising. If your really want to know what planetary influences are occuring, you may just need to learn how to read charts.

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