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A Life

Natalie Parham was born on Jan. 21, 1928 in Marshfield Wisconsin. Her mother had hyperemesis her entire pregnancy and the doctors wanted her to have an abortion, as they worried she would not survive the pregnancy. But she made it through and had her only child.

With Pluto near the MC, and square the Ascendant, my Mom never knew her father. It was the Depression and he was looking for work and he died when she was three, when Pluto progressed to her MC. There was no day care back then, so when she was five her Mom took a job teaching in another city and my Mom was raised by her Victorian grandparents (and a great aunt who doted upon her). Her mother came home every weekend. Venus Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius. Venus Saturn can sometimes indicate separation from the mother. My Mom told me she never liked church music as she associated it with the day her Mom left to go back to work.

When she was 11, my Mom and grandmother moved to Madison and she could finally live with her Mom. Her progressed Moon had moved into Cancer by then.

She met my Dad when she was riding a bus to Shorewood to see a friend. (Venus in the third, meeting a lover on a short journey). He had Saturn on her Ascendant and she had Saturn on his Ascendant. They married on Feb. 7th, 1948 in St. Raphael's Cathedral in Madison. Jupiter was in Sagittarius in the 7th, conjunct her natal Venus. Uranus was in the first house opposite Jupiter. And fitting to the mutual Saturn aspects in their charts, The Sun was in the 10th house opposite Saturn in the fourth. Her Solar Return for the year of her marriage had Venus in Pisces exact on the Descendant.

My Dad was a corporate executive so there were moves, from Chicago to New York to Long Beach and finally to Richmond, Virginia. Along with the moves, four children were born. Probably her favorite years were the ones from 1957 to 1969, when we lived in Long Beach, Indiana, near Lake Michigan. She loved the water. As an Aquarius, she was a fun Mom. A minimum of rules.

After 28 years, one Saturn cycle, the marriage ended in Richmond and she moved to Waupaca, Wisconsin. She was an Aquarius with Sun sextile Jupiter/Uranus. In true Aquarian fashion, she left her life behind and started a new one with another woman. With Sun and Moon in the 4th house, it was a return to her roots.

She had a summer cottage on the lakes in Waupaca, and this was the true joy in her long life. She lived there every summer, and her four children, and eleven grandchildren and even a few of her 10 great grandchildren were lucky enough to spend time there every summer.

She died on the evening of Nov. 26, 2023 in Waupaca, passing peacefully. Taurus on the cusp of her 8th house, and transit Venus had just crossed over her Ascendant. She will be missed.

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3월 04일
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Very sweet life, lots of changes and love….. best, ATMann…..


2023년 12월 03일

Beautiful story and life. Amazing how the Astrology fits so precisely.


2023년 11월 29일

Born at the heart of the Great Depressio, she nonetheless was a free spirit that wanted so much out of life. It seems that search only ended when God decided to finally take her. She did make it to see our first grandson born and we believe she somehow knew she was blessed with another great grandchild before she passed on. She was always my protector as mothers tend to be no matter what the circumstances. She enjoyed traveling almost as much as the beaches of Lake Michigan and the cottage on round lake. Her grandfather blessed her with longevity as well as an always pleasant demeanor. She will be remembered for the way she lived and the way…

2023년 12월 04일
답글 상대:

Beautifully said Dad<3

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