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Cancer New Moon

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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On June 28, 2022 the new Moon falls in Cancer at 7 degrees. Cancer rules home, family, babies, fertility, the parents, history, and, since it is ruled by the ever changing moon, all things that change and fluctuate.

If you want to know how the new moon will affect you look to see where it falls in your chart. The new moon falls in my 9th house, so I have finally firmed up my trip abroad this fall, as that house rules long distance journeys.

New moon in the first may find you changing how you look. If the new moon falls within a degree or two of your Ascendant, it augurs a new start for you, likely something more than cosmetic.

New Moon in the second house would likely affect your finances. Since Cancers are good at saving money, you might want to start a special savings account.

New Moon in Cancer in the third, you may hear from a sibling.

New Moon in the fourth could find you making renovations to your home, or hosting guests.

New Moon in the 5th house could mean a pregnancy or a visit from children.

New Moon in the sixth could be a new puppy or kitten, or maybe even a new plant that you will nurture.

New Moon in the seventh could indicate meeting someone new in your life.

New Moon in the 8th could be money from another in your life.

In the 9th house, the new moon could be foreign travel plans. starting a new course of study, or seeing your in-laws.

The 10th house new moon could bring a change in your career or station in life. I had my daughter (Sun, Moon and Venus in Cancer) when there was a new moon eclipse on my 10th house cusp.

New moon in the 11th house is a good time to reach out and make a new friend.

New moon in the 12th is a time to stay home and read a good book, or start a journal of reflections.

The new moon is in a square to Jupiter, so this could be a very emotional new moon. The new moon is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith. I am just learning about Black moon Lilith, so the jury is out on what it will mean for this month's new moon. If you have any great insights, send them my way.

horoscope of Cancer new Moon June 28, 2022

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