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Chiron Stationary in your chart

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

During a pandemic it can seem like everything is standing still, even the planets. 

While the planets are not really ever standing still, it can appear from earth that they are.  This is called a planetary station.  On July 11, 2020 Chiron, although not a planet, but a significant point in a chart nonetheless, is stationary and goes retrograde at 9 degrees 26 minute of Aries at 5:09 pm EDT.   Planetary stations are powerful and can act as triggers for events in a chart.When a planet stations on a point in your chart (and this includes any of the angles) it is like a super conjunction between those two points. If you look at the planetary stations of Venus and Mars in the two years prior to your birth, and make note of them, they are considered sensitive degrees that can be triggered by transits or even by making an appearance in your annual Solar Return.  Being born under a planetary station strengthens the importance of the natal planet in your chart.   So what about the  station of Chiron? It is happening at a time when Chiron is very close to a conjunction with Mars, which serves to accentuate the station.  Chiron is not easily defined in a chart, but as is the case with the mythological Chiron, it deals with  wounding and healing. Read "The Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller for a nuanced description of Chiron. Chiron was known to be a wise teacher, so when Chiron  stations in your chart on a significant point (angles, luminaries or planets) expect to learn something.  No part of astrology is all good or all bad, happy or sad.  Chiron transits (or transits to natal Chiron) can bring a new baby into your life, or a new romance, or it can offer an opportunity to deal with past wounds and learn from them. Pain may be part of the experience.  Whatever house Chiron is in, is where you learn your lessons. In the 4th? You learn (or yearn) to create the perfect family. In the 7th? You learn (or yearn) to create the perfect partnership. Or it could mean you marry a doctor or some other type of healer. 

( Soul in Bondage by Elihu Vedder )

    At at time when much of the world is sick, it could be that something significant will occur for healing with Chiron's station.  Whatever house it transits in your chart will be a focus for at least the rest of the summer as Chiron stays at the same degree for most of August. Although the planet seems to be standing still, life and what you need to learn will be triggered and with Mars in Aries, things will move forward, at least until Mars goes Retrograde on September 9th. 

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