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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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Ties to the Moon What ties between two horoscopes indicate the bond of friendship will form, take root and grow? There are many. One is having the moon in the same sign. It is an emotional tie that makes the other feel like part of your family, as the moon in your chart reflects the early experience you met through your family. Moon ties bring back the comfort of childhood. The other person likely has your predilections as well. So for example two people with Moon in Virgo are going to have the same attitude toward cleanliness. The does not mean you can't have a best friend who has moon square to your moon, it just means you would not likely do well living together. And when you visit your friends, you will feel most at home if something prominent in their chart is in the same sign as your moon. For example, someone with a Virgo midheaven is also going to have a very tidy house. In the same way, someone with Venus conjunct your Moon will also be emotionally familiar and likely to be a good friend. This tie (Moon Venus) is often found in romantic relationships as well. Mars sometimes gets a bad rap, but two of my best friends have Moon at 0 Libra exactly conjunct my Mars, so I don't rule that one out either as a basis for a good friendship. I think Mars Moon ties foster a certain amount of intellectual stimulation. You won't be bored! The angles of your chart A lot of books on synastry (the art of chart comparison) don't discuss connections between the angles, but those are often the most important. A planet in one chart conjunct the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or Nadir in the other person's chart will always be a key influence. If someone has Sun on your Ascendant they may play a key role in your life. Often siblings have Moon ties, so if another person has Moon on one of your angles, then you will feel at home with them. A friend's planet on your nadir also feeds the at home connection, as the Nadir is the beginning of the 4th house, the house of the home. Ptolemy said "If your rising sign is the MC (midheaven or 10th house sign) of your friend's horoscope, or if the rulers of these signs be in friendly aspect, you will continue long inseparable." I have found this to be true. So if one person has 9 Libra rise and the other person has a 9 Libra midheaven, you are souls meant to connect. The degree does not have to be exact, but the closer the better. It is an instant recognition that this person is part of your karass.* Jupiter ties Jupiter in a sign makes that sign prominent in your chart, as Jupiter expands, and you will connect with others who have the qualities of that sign. My Jupiter is in Gemini in the 9th house, and I have many friends who have moon in Gemini. I am a Scorpio but one person upon learning my chart was shocked to discover my birth sign, as he was convinced I was a Gemini. Jupiter is considered the *greater benefic* and whether or not it is romance or friendship, Jupiter ties make both people happy with the relationship. Asteroids Juno ties can also indicate a fast friendship. The two boys in the photo have a Sun Juno exact conjunction between their charts. Pallas ties between one person and the other give an uncanny ability to communicate, especially Pallas conjunct the sun from one chart to another. Pallas is the goddess of wisdom. 11th house The 11th house is of course the house of friendship and of groups. You may have a planet in this house that indicates what types of friends you will make. For example, I have Pluto in Leo in the 11th house. Not only do I have many Leo friends, I also have a number of Scorpio (Pluto rules this sign) friends. When the progressed moon conjoins a planet in the 11th house you may meet an important friend in your life or join an important group. I began attending meetings at the Astrological Lodge in London in my 20's when my progressed moon conjuncted Pluto, meeting all kinds of interesting characters and beginning a lifelong passion for astrology. Mercury Mercury is key in the ability to communicate and I have several friends with Mercury conjunct my Sun and their Sun is equal to my Mercury. Don't underestimate the power of Mercury as the key to your relationships. The Nodes The nodes are key ties, often family members or lovers share these ties. These are karmic relationships. I have not really studies them vis-a-vis friendships but I believe it would indicate a strong bond. Miscellaneous Finally, you may have a certain fondness in your chart from people born under certain Moon or Sun signs. I have a Cancer Midheaven and I always seem to love those women born with Moon in Cancer. When I ask people about their friends they often mention they are grouped under certain signs. * A network or group of people who are somehow affiliated or linked spiritually. Coined by author Kurt Vonnegut.

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