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Happy Birthday Aquarius

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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My Aquarius Mom

I was thinking about the sign Aquarius and the song that popped into my head was from the Sound of Music, the lines *How do you solve a problem like Maria, how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?*.

This song is sung by the nuns who don't know how to deal with Maria, a novitiate who just can't follow the rules. Of course she ends up being a nanny for a widower with a number of children, and excels in her new role. It made me wonder if the real Maria Von Trapp was an Aquarius, and she was! Born Jan. 26, 1905, Sun in Aquarius, Cancer at the top of her chart, and Ascendant in Libra with Moon on the Ascendant. Of course she was perfect with children.

How does one define Aquarius? Over the past year, I have featured a number of people with strong Aquarius in my blog. Feel free to go back and reread about characters such as Paul Newman and Zelensky.

Aquarius is actually an air sign, even though pictures of the sign show someone pouring water. Aquarius is a very intellectual sign, ruled by the planet Uranus, which governs lightning, revolutions, and sudden change. Aquarians can be known for their sudden change of direction. This includes spouses who run off from a marriage of 28 or 36 years, with no warning.

Aquarians, or those with moon or mercury in Aquarius, or Uranus on an angle in the chart, or in close aspect to the sun or moon, are often extremely intelligent, with a mind that moves at lightning speed. They can have prodigious memories as well. Of course you simply can't generalize that those with Aquarius prominent are often highly intelligent, but it is something I have seen in my years of studying the stars.

Aquarius rules groups, and it is important for those born under this sign to find their place in the world, as they can be unconventional and not fit with those who are more conformist. Aquarians simply don't like rules. That can make them fun parents. They nurture more by adventure.

Another way to identify an Aquarius is by the way they dress. They have something about them that is just a bit outré.

We are all going to learn more about the Aquarian vibe as Pluto moves into the sign Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and stays there for the next 20 years. The plutocrats (ruled by Capricorn) will be on the way out and the power will revert to the people, as Aquarius is the sign of the people. Think of the French and American Revolutions.

If you are born around Jan. 21 or 22, this year and next will bring about key changes in your life. The same holds true for anyone with a planet, luminary (sun or moon) or angle at 0-1 degrees of Aquarius. And since this is a sign that welcomes change, most of you will be just fine. As Dylan says, *he who is not busy being born is busy dying*.

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