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Israel's Uranus Transit

The world is burning up, but Israel is really on fire. On July 24, a right wing governing coalition, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, enacted a law which weakens the judiciary, and threatens the rule of law. This was done amidst major protests. Threats of a general strike were announced by labor leaders. 10,000 military reservists threatened to resign. The streets are filled with protesters. The situation is summed up by Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli intellectual.

"These could be the last days of Israel democracy", said Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli author and historian of humanity. "We might witness the rise of a Jewish supremacist dictatorship in Israel, which will not just be a terrible thing for Israeli citizens, but also a terrible thing for the Palestinians, for Jewish traditions, and potentially, for the entire Middle East." (New York Times July, 25, 2023)

When you look at the chart of Israel, you can see that the planet Uranus (revolution and change) is closing in on the Sun in the natal chart of Israel. Currently Uranus is at 22 degrees Taurus. The Sun in Israel's chart is 23 Taurus 39 in the 8th house of the chart.

At the same time, progressed Saturn is in a square to the Sun in Israel's chart, and the progressed Moon has just gone into Taurus. Uranus transits usually happen with amazing accuracy, so watch to see what happens to the country when Uranus goes to 23 degrees Taurus, starting on August 14 through Sept. 11. Also note August 28, as on that day, from the viewpoint of earth, the planet goes stationary and appears to turn around. This has the effect of increasing the intensity of the transit. May of 2024 and Dec. 18 2024 through March 12, 2025 will also likely be a period of change and instability, with January 29, 2025 as a day to watch. June 5, 2025 might also be interesting as at that point the progressed moon passes over the natal Sun of the chart. The new moon eclipse on October 14th might also be a trigger for action in Israel, as it falls on the Ascendant of the chart. Venus was stationary on Mars of the chart. Not a peaceful transition. Psyche (the soul) is conjunct the South Node in Scorpio in the first house. I am not sure what that means in a country's chart, but I do think what is happening is a battle for the soul of the country.

It has been interesting to watch Uranus move through Taurus. Taurus as a sign does not particularly embrace change, so as Uranus hits Taurus planets major change can be pretty dramatic. A few examples:

A friend (now age 74) has lived in the same college town since she attended college there. She is now moving to another city to be closer to her son and her impending grandchild. Transit Uranus to her natal Sun and Venus in Taurus.

Another person I know met a woman from the other side of the world on the exact day Uranus conjoined his Moon at zero Taurus in the 3rd house. And he met her on a commute. (The 3rd house is short journeys). They ended up having a child together, which of course is one of life's biggest changes.

If you have planets in the last decan of Taurus, note what changes you want to make or might be resisting.

Note that Netanyahu has transit Uranus trine to his Midheaven (the career point). In the summer of 2024 Uranus will square his Mars in the 9th house.

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