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Jon Morrow Lindbergh and the Sea

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Jon Morrow Lindbergh laying on beach

Jon Morrow Lindbergh, the second son of Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Charles Lindbergh, died on July 29 at age 88. He had a long career as an aquanaut, exploring the ocean depths. His father had steered him away from a career in aviation.

When I read Jon Lindbergh's obituary, I wondered if his chart would reflect the trauma his mother endured during her pregnancy when her firstborn was kidnapped and murdered in March of 1932. The book Life Time Astrology by A.T. Mann is a guide to understanding your chart from conception to maturity. Planets in the 9-12th houses show the time span when the baby is in utero, and events that occur during that time. Lindbergh has an especially active 9-12th house quadrant, which contains all but two of his planets.

In Life Time Astrology the 11th house in the chart corresponds to 28 weeks to 17 weeks before birth. It was during this time period that Jon's older brother was kidnapped and Jon has Pluto in Cancer in the 11th, square Uranus in the 8th and oppose Saturn in the 5th house.

According to Jon Lindbergh's daughter, the kidnapping affected her father profoundly. The mother's trauma was passed on to her child. Anne Lindbergh has a Moon Mars Neptune stellium in Cancer. Jon was born both with Venus Mars conjunct in Cancer exact on her stellium. Mars at 7 Cancer in his 10th house is in an exact sextile to Neptune at 7 Virgo.

Jon has Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in the 12th house and this is the house of Neptune, which rules the ocean. He also has Neptune just conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th, so exploring the ocean fits his chart quite well. He was also a loner. When he attended Stanford he lived a few miles from campus in a tent to avoid dorm life. In his early childhood his parents were rightly very concerned with keeping him safe, even moving to England to avoid the press after photographers forced their car off the road in 1935.

He was born at the full moon, with Sun Mercury in Leo in the 12th oppose individualistic Moon in Aquarius in the 6th. His parents were gone a lot when he was young, flying around the world.

Jon had Saturn in the 5th and managed to father 8 children, including twins. As you can see from the photo, with the Venus Mars conjunction he was quite handsome. His prenatal and very early life is captured in Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead, the diaries and letters of his mother Anne Morrow Lindbergh, for the years 1929 to 1932. With Jupiter and Pluto conjunct her Midheaven in Gemini, Anne Morrow Lindbergh was an excellent writer.

horoscope of Jon Morrow Lindbergh

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