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Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

cover of sheet music for The Planets by Holst

Everyone has Jupiter somewhere in their charts. To find out where your Jupiter is you can simply look at your natal chart. Note the sign and house Jupiter is in, and note the degree Jupiter occupies.

Once you know the degree and sign of your Jupiter, watch each year when the transiting Sun is at that degree and note down what happens. This will give you a personal sense of how Jupiter operates in your chart or what it represents. If you have Jupiter in the 9th house it might have to do with higher education, philosophy, religion, the law or foreign travel. It will be the same day (give or take) every year. As an example, my Sun is 25 Gemini in the 9th house and every year on June 17 the Sun is at that spot. I have often had very 9th house things happen on that date. Examples are being sworn into the bar (law), flying home from being in London for a year (foreign travel), receiving an award, etc. Jupiter is also honors and awards. If you keep a journal you can go back and look and see what has happened in the past

Listen to the Jupiter theme in The Planets by Gustav Holst and you will get an idea of the majesty and joy of Jupiter. Of course Jupiter can be difficult as well, depending upon other aspects in your chart. Jupiter transit over your ascendant can coincide with weight gain. Jupiter expands. In the same way, Saturn over your ascendant can coincide with weight loss. Saturn contracts.

Another way to get to know Jupiter is to track it through the houses. When Jupiter hit my fifth house cusp (children) 36 years ago I gave birth to a 10 pound baby. This year when Jupiter (to the day) reached my 5th house cusp I found out I would have a grandchild, and one of my children came home for a visit.

Jupiter moved into Pisces this week. In May through July it is early Pisces, so touching upon the Sun of those born around Feb. 19-21. Jupiter then goes back into Aquarius Dec. 29th of this year and will then return to Pisces until early May of 2022.

If you don't know where your Jupiter is in your chart, you can send me your birthday and year and I can let you know what day each year will be your Jupiter day. This is a fun way to get to know your Jupiter.

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