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Love Potions

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

One of the most potent love potions you can find is Saturn on the Sun, Moon or Ascendant of the partner. Saturn ties are what evoke what many of us recognize as love at first sight.

Here is the story of an interesting couple who have Saturn on each other's Ascendants. They happen to be my parents.

After the war, my Dad was in college. He got on a bus one day to go play golf at Blackhawk Country Club in Madison, WI. As he got on the bus he sat down next to a young looking woman and asked her what she was doing skipping school. She was actually in college, just looked really young. She knew who he was and called him up and asked him to her sorority dance. He accepted, even though he had a girlfriend. Apparently the girlfriend showed up and was looking in the windows at the dance. Anyway, with his Saturn exactly on her Ascendant and her Saturn on his Ascendant, the girlfriend was history.

They married in February of 1948 and had four kids in five years. Note also that her Venus in Sagittarius is oppose to his Mars in Gemini. A Venus Mars contact, even in opposite signs, is always good for romantic connecting.

His Moon Venus conjunction in Aries is on her Descendant, the point in the chart that represents the partner. Also a common love/marriage tie. His Sun in Taurus is trine her Moon in the earth sign of Capricorn.

His traditional Taurus sun is by sign square to her adventurous Sun in Aquarius. Her earthy Moon in Capricorn is square to his Moon in the fire sign Aries. Capricorn moons like to move cautiously, but Aries moons like to charge ahead. Note the square aspects challenge us to change and grow, and to see things from a different point of view. And while Saturn ties traditionally draw one in, they can be difficult over time. The person who holds the Saturn, and here I am going to say it is my Dad, because his Saturn is only 1 degree from her Ascendant, tends to have the power in the beginning of the relationship. What happens over time is that the person who is under the thumb of the other person starts to grow and change and can come to resent being controlled. Then either the relationship has to change or it has to end. Saturn was in Leo when they got married on Feb. 7, 1948 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Catholic ceremony so the Mass would have started at 11:00 am).

When Saturn came back to Leo 28 years later the marriage ended abruptly in very Aquarian style. My Mom has Sun in Aquarius in an exact sextile to Uranus at zero Aries. This is a woman who took flying lessons in high school. She ran off Thelma and Louise style (with another woman) from Richmond, VA to Waupaca, Wisconsin in the mid-70s, the great divorce decade. Uranus and Pluto were moving through the sign of Libra in the 70s, wreaking havoc on marriages. My Mom and her new partner actually got motorcycles, but luckily did not ride off a cliff. In a great leap of faith, my Dad married another Aquarius, who he was married to till his death at the age of 94.

So if you are looking to fall madly in love, or have fallen madly in love with someone who had Saturn on your sun, moon or ascendant, make sure you keep those lines of communication open and keep the power balanced. Or if you can, find someone who has Jupiter on your Sun, Moon or Ascendant or vice versa. Jupiter contacts between two charts make both parties feel they are loved for who they are and the Jupiter contact helps you to bring out the best in each other. It is a cosmic gift.

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