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Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aries

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

night sky with Mars and Jupiter

Every few years or so the planets Jupiter Mars make an exact conjunction. How this plays out in your natal chart depends upon what house the conjunction falls in, what natal planets or midpoints the conjunction aspects, and what the natal relationship is of Mars and Jupiter in your chart.

C.E.O. Carter associates Mars conjunct Jupiter with a person who is wealthy or at least comfortable, with a love of fun and amusement. The person can be controversial, but is usually high energy. Martin Luther had a Mars Jupiter Venus conjunction in Libra. If you can remember the comedian and singer Dean Martin, he had a Mars Jupiter Mercury conjunction in Taurus. He really embodies the qualities inherent in a Mars Jupiter conjunction. Mars Jupiter contacts are also known for enthusiasm. On May 29, 2022, Mars will conjoin Jupiter at 3 Aries. I am often optimistic about these conjunctions, but the results vary widely. On Jan. 21, 1998 President Clinton had Mars Jupiter at 26 Aquarius by aspect opposed to his Sun in Leo. That is the day the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Sue Tompkins associates Mars Jupiter with "sexual romping" and "getting into hot water" which certainly fit the case here. On May 1, 2011 Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Special Forces. Mars Jupiter was at 22 Aries. Mars is the god of war and in Aries the planet is especially strong. Mars is action, and Jupiter acts to expand actions. On March 20, 2020 there was a conjunction in 22 Capricorn, and the world shut down due to Covid. There are of course more peaceful manifestations of Mars Jupiter. Prince George was born on July 22, 2013 with Mars conjunct Jupiter at 6 Cancer. Mars Jupiter is often associated with births. In Ebertin's Combination of Stellar Influences Mars Jupiter is "The completed birth, the first cry." Hillary Clinton gave birth to her only child on Feb. 27, 1980 when Mars was conjunct Jupiter at 4 Virgo, right on Hillary's Midheaven. This combination can also be associated with conception of a child. Look back at past Mars Jupiter conjunctions to see if they made an aspect to a planet or midpoint in your chart and you may see some interesting results of the conjunction. Sometimes not much happens, but sometimes it is major. It is often a bit unpredictable. Here are some dates for the Mars Jupiter conjunction Sept. 5, 1977 2 Cancer Dec. 12, 1979 9 Virgo Feb. 27, 1980 4 Virgo May 5, 1980 0 Virgo August 9, 1982 3 Scorpio Oct. 13, 1984 6 Capricorn Dec. 17, 1986 15 Pisces March 11, 1989 0 Gemini June 15, 1991 11 Leo Sept. 7, 1993. 16 Libra Nov. 15, 1995. 18 Sagittarius Jan. 21, 1998 26 Aquarius April 5, 2000 10 Taurus July 3, 2002 23 Cancer Sept 27, 2004 0 Libra Dec. 11, 2006 3 Sagittarius Feb. 17, 2009 10 Aquarius May 1, 2011 22 Aries July 20, 2013 6 Cancer Oct. 18, 2015 14 Virgo August 23, 2016. 9 Sagittarius Jan. 6, 2018 17 Scorpio Apri. 2, 2018 8 Capricorn March 20, 2020. 22 Capricorn

horoscope of Mars Jupiter conjunction May 29, 2022

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