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Mercury Retrograde Talks Back!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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Mercury retrograde is one of the few astrological concepts that has made it into the popular culture. This is when from the viewpoint of the earth the planet appears to be moving backward. And since all things relating to communication and transportation are related to Mercury, the prediction is that anything falling into those categories will be unreliable when Mercury is retrograde. Appointments missed, computers not working, letters lost and vehicles unreliable.

I have always tended to minimize the importance of Mercury retrograde, unless you are buying a moving vehicle. I once warned my daughter not to buy a used car during Mercury retrograde and she did proceed with the purchase. She was driving the car from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, and the transmission gave out in the middle of nowhere literally an hour after she bought it. A helpful woman picked her up and took her to a gas station, where it took three days and $1,000 to fix the car. My daughter stayed at a motel the first night. The second night the helpful stranger let her stay at her house. That night someone was murdered in the hotel where my daughter had stayed the night before. I can honestly say she is not likely to buy another car with Mercury retrograde.

On the other hand, I bought my first house with Mercury retrograde and it was fine, even though the purchase involved signing a contract, another thing that folks tell you to avoid with Mercury retrograde.

But this week Mercury is stationing retrograde within a degree of my Ascendant at 9 Libra, and I am now a big believer of paying attention to Mercury retrograde, at least if the planet is hovering near a key point in your chart. For the last week my iphone started cutting out whenever I was talking to someone on the phone. I tried to fix the issue with both Verizon and Apple. No luck.

It was not an Apple Genius that came up with the solution, but my friend Patti who was born with Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius on the Ascendant exact. She said she had noticed phones cutting out when she used her headset. And that was exactly the issue for me. It's nice to have smart friends.

And that friend with Mercury retrograde on the Ascendant? She is extremely cautious about moving vehicles. She finally got her first driver's license at 60 years of age, at which point she texted me and said "Look out baby, there's a new driver on the road."

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