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Neptune and Newsom

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Governor Gavin Newson smiling

The other day someone asked me why Gavin Newsom is subject to a recall in California. All I could come up with was he was dining out Nov. 6, 2020 with lobbyists at an expensive restaurant (French Laundry) in violation of his own CoVID restrictions. Other than that, I blamed it on the recall process in California. Since 1911 California has had a quirky law that has resulted in no less than 179 attempted recall attempts with 11 earning enough signatures to go to the ballot. (New Yorker article by Nathan Heller)

That answer was not enough to satisfy the querent. So here is what I can take away after reading up on the situation. Newsome is a very progressive governor, who showed poor judgement in dining out as he did during the pandemic when all were being asked to stay at home. The irony of the situation is that if he is recalled, California is likely to end up with a Republican governor who is opposed to any and all mask mandates. And this alternate governor would come to power with less votes than it takes to recall Newsom. In other words this is not an election in the way we think of elections. Other than Newsom's dining debacle, he has been a well received governor, who has had to deal with a pandemic and wildfires, among many other vexing issues not of his making. The august Dean of the Law School at U-Cal/Berkeley (Erwin Chemerinsky) and a law professor from the same school (Aaron Edlin) have argued in a New York Times guest column that the recall process as structured is in fact unconstitutional. So the answer to the question is it is complicated, and yes, the process of the recall is in fact a key piece of the issue. See the August 2021 Atlantic article. Newsom is in a difficult situation and this is reflected in his chart, which is a fascinating one. He was born with Pluto exactly on his ascendant at 21 Virgo, conjunct Ceres at 21 Virgo. His birth story would likely be interesting, possibly involving a life or death scenario. Pluto is in a square (hard aspect ) to his Mars at 20 Sagittarius which is exactly conjunct the nadir, or 4th house cusp. This can signify an extravagant home (due to the Sagittarius influence), such as the mansion he now lives in, but also a difficult early childhood, which Newsom has in fact confirmed. Newsom also has Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th house square to Saturn in the 7th house of marriage, so working out intimacy issues can be challenging. Pluto on the Ascendant can also give a very charismatic personality. Uranus is also part of the conjunction, adding to the fascination. And Libra is his Sun sign, which gives him good looks and lots of charm. On the date of the infamous French Laundry dinner on Nov. 6, 2020, Mars by transit was stationary at 15 Aries, square to his Moon in the 4th (the electorate is ruled by the Moon) and opposed to his Sun. The planetary ruler of Newsom's career house is Mercury in Scorpio in the second house. Mercury in Scorpio gives someone who is heard when they speak, and they do so with passion. A Gemini midheaven, which Newsom has, can indicate more than one career. All summer Saturn has been squaring his Mercury, causing vexation and worry. The transit that really stands out is that Neptune is about to conjunct his Descendant and oppose his Ascendant Pluto Ceres conjunction. On the day of the recall election (Sept. 14, 2021) this aspect will be pretty much exact. Neptune natally is in his third house of communication and learning, but now it challenges the way he presents to the electorate. To make it even more interesting, the transit Sun will be on his Ascendant exactly opposite Neptune on the Descendant. (see chart). With natal Mars at 20 Virgo, this gives some very interesting midpoint pictures. Midpoints are described in detail by Reinhold Ebertin in a book called *The Combination of Stellar Influences*. I have been using this book since the early 80s and it is another way to look at what might occur by considering transits and progressions to the natal midpoints, which is the exact point between two planets or an angle. This, along with Solar Returns and the progressed moon are the most accurate ways to make predictions. The following planetary pictures are in play now and at the time of the recall vote. Sun Ascendant = Neptune (harm through others) Sun Pluto = Neptune (The undermining of health or position) Pluto Neptune= Sun (confusion and loss, sensitivity) Pluto Ascendant =Neptune (The misfortune to suffer from the actions of bad, malicious and deceitful persons in one's environment) Natally Sun Jupiter in Newsom's chart is equal to Pluto, and this is very positive. Good luck, wealth and happiness. However, Pluto Ascendant is also equal to Mars, and this is foolhardiness and daring. Saturn by transit is going to go direct over the moon (6 Aquarius) in the inauguration chart at the time mid October when the results of the recall will be certified. What this all means is that there is a good deal at stake for California and the country in the upcoming election. Those California residents interested in the outcome should be sure to vote, and that is the advice I give to my querent.

horoscope of Gavin Newsom

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