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Out with the Old

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

People protesting in Israel

Pluto has been in Aquarius for less than a week, but it is clear already that the people are coming to power. One need only look at the demonstrations in Israel against Netanyahu's firing of his defense minister. The defense minister stood up to Netanyahu's attempt to overthrow the rule of law via judicial changes. The airport is shut down to outgoing flights, the Universities are closed and the reservists are refusing to fight. Demonstrations are massive. This is the power to the people surge that has been predicted. On May 5th there is a full moon eclipse at 14 Taurus/14 Scorpio in the chart of Israel. Full moon eclipses tend to end things. So even though Netanyahu is backing down now, the story has not played out till after the eclipse.

The question is who is next? There are a lot of old men in power that need to leave the world stage. Ali Khamenei/Iran (83), Joe Biden/US (80), Akhundzada/ Taliban/Afghanistan (70s), Putin/Russia (70), Xi Jinping/China (69) and Narendra Modi/India (72).

Things are not going so well in these countries. And voting or putting in another old man is not going to be the fix. As the Oxford Astrologer noted on International Women's Day, it's time for women to take over the Solar System. There are other changes coming with Pluto, but as Israel shows, this is going to be one of the major themes for the next 20 years.

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