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Pisces and Leo

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The sun is in Pisces today and the Moon is in Leo. So it is a good time to write about the way these two signs meld.

Sometimes people ask me how two different signs would get along in a relationship and I usually say it depends, as it is not just about the Sun sign. That having been said, I do think that Leo and Pisces are an excellent match. One to do the adoring (Pisces) and one to be the adored (Leo). The photo on this page is the wedding photo of Herbert James Walker, a Leo born August 6 1875, who married my great grandmother, Maude Hamilton Walker, a Pisces born March 20, 1878. My great grandmother is at the center top in the white dress and my great grandfather is on the left. I have in my house many of my great grandmother's beautifully painted vases. One of my relatives does genealogy and she had listed Maude Walker as being born March 21, 1878. I said I don't think so as I am sure she is a Pisces. When my relative (Fran) found the birth certificate, it turned out Maude Walker was indeed born on March 20, not the 21, making her a Pisces. (birth time was on the birth certificate). Maude married Bert, the boy next door. They married May 9th, 1897, just before she was to graduate from high school. She was not allowed to stay on for the month it would take to graduate as married women were not allowed to finish high school back then. In any event, they quickly built a beautiful house and had two beautiful children and had a very happy and long married life. I am not sure who did the adoring or who was the adored, but Bert ran the general store and drug store and served as postmaster of a small Wisconsin town. He gave Maude money every month to spend as she wanted, and she bought many beautiful antiques. Maude has an artist's chart with Sun at 29 Pisces (the last degree of a sign adds an emphasis on the traits of the sign) with Venus (Goddess of beauty) in Aquarius exactly conjunct the Midheaven. Venus is in perfect trine to the artistic Moon in Libra in the 5th house. Venus is opposite Uranus, which can be a sign of an artist, or at least an independent person. Luckily for Maude her spouse had Sun conjunct Uranus so he was rather open minded as well. And his moon was in Libra, so he could also appreciate a thing of beauty. While moon conjunct moon in marriage does not necessarily indicate a passionate married life, it does show that the two live together easily and in harmony. His Mars in Sagittarius is sextile her Venus in Aquarius, and her Mars at 0 Gemini is in perfect sextile to his Venus in Leo. So they really did have many affinities, and with the Mars/Venus aspects, likely a good romantic life. Her Jupiter is trine Mars with Sun Mercury at the midpoint. And Jupiter rules her 7th house of partners/marriage. They both had a good sense of humor. She liked to ask people if they wanted a cup of tea and then would serve them tea in a very oversize tea cup she had found somewhere on her auction hunts. It is likely it takes more than Sun signs to be compatible, but I do have this idea that Leo/Pisces is a very sweet combination.

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