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Stevie Nicks

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Stevie Nicks singing

There is a new streaming show coming out Friday called *Daisy Jones and the Six*, based upon the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The book in turn was inspired in part by the band Fleetwood Mac. Since the death of Christine McVie, I have been thinking about the enigma that is Stevie Nicks. She and her partner Lindsey Buckingham changed the dynamic of the Fleetwood Mac band and went on to become part of the legendary music of the 70s. Stevie has a T square with Moon in Capricorn in the 10th house opposed to Venus in Cancer on the 4th house cusp square Neptune in the sixth. Her Venus Neptune square is exact. Venus Neptune is of course the die hard romantic. The squares and oppositions can be more challenging than the trines or sextiles. It has been said you need a little Neptune to fall in love, and of course she did. And men found her very attractive as well. How many women can say Jimi Hendrix looked at them and said *This is for you babe* and went on to play *Foxey Lady*? On the other hand, looking for a mate amongst high profile musicians does not always produce the best results. With Aries rising and the chart ruler Mars in Virgo in the 5th house, Nicks did dedicate her life to her art. She chose not to have children. Her longest romantic relationship was with her artistic partner, Lindsey Buckingam. When pulling up her chart, I thought I would find a prominent Black Moon Lilith placement, since Nicks has the witchy woman persona going. However, that did not appear. What I did find fascinating was Lindsey Buckingham has his Black Moon Lilith on her Ascendant. I think this means their creative partnership brought out the Lilith in her. The Tea and Rosemary web site on Lilith (the best I think) has this to say about Lilith Ascendant ties between two people:

The Lilith conjunct ascendant synastry conjunction causes a strong, immediate attraction between both people. There is a magnetic energy between the couple from the first moment they meet. The Lilith person in particular is attracted to the ascendant partner’s looks, body, and general physicality. They will definitely feel the sexual tension. This Lilith conjunct ascendant synastry relationship is often very public at first. Both partners might be physical and showy around others, or they might just be in the limelight in some way. This typically dies down after some time, since the Lilith conjunct ascendant synastry aspect is strongest upon first meeting.

I think her best songs were when she was playing with Buckingham. Nicks and Buckingham also had a Mars Saturn conjunction (may be good for working together but tough) and his Sun Mercury Neptune fell on her Neptune and squared her Venus and Moon. His planets thus magnified her T-square. Good for creativity but not the easiest. Note her Saturn is exactly on his Ascendant. This is a long term tie and they worked together long after they split up as romantic partners. Lindsey's Jupiter was in Stevie's 10th house conjunct her Moon. Jupiter ties are the best in synastry. He did advance her career. Lindsey insisted that if Fleetwood Mac wanted him Stevie came along as well. His nodes (close relationships) fell across her Ascendant/Descendant. With Mars Pluto in Leo on his Ascendant, he was the creative director of the band's most successful albums. This is a great use of channeling this intense energy, which apparently he did not always have under full control. To what do we credit Stevie Nick's incredible lyrics and voice? C.E.O Carter attributes musical ability to a strong Venus and Neptune, the latter being angular. Stevie has Venus angular in Cancer and in exact square to Neptune. Gemini is strong in the charts of musicians. Stevie is a Gemini. Per Carter, 15 of the Cardinals is common as a degree. Stevie has Moon at 15 Capricorn in the 10th house of career. In her third house (which rules voice) she has a Mercury Uranus conjunction in Gemini opposed to Jupiter in Sagittarius. One could say her songs were divinely inspired. (9th house influence) It has been said her songs are a mirror to her heart. Stevie has Aries rising which probably helped her survive in a man's world, which is what the music industry was back in the 70s. Neptune in the house of health (6th) as the focal point of a t-square can indicate issues with health and addiction was something she dealt with and eventually overcame. Her Sun in Gemini is in a square to her Mars in Virgo. She said cutting a record was like being in the army, very demanding. The cost was to her health. At the time Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham first came on board with Fleetwood Mac in 1975 and went on the album tour for the eponymous album, Stevie had progressed Sun to 0 Cancer. Progressions to 0 Cardinal degrees (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) can coincide with being in the public eye. See the Aries Point Bloom by Kathy Rose. The couple broke up in 1976, around the time of the release of the Rumours album, which had at least a few songs about their parting. At the time Saturn was stationary on his Mars Pluto and on her Saturn, so it was Stevie's Saturn return.

Stevie Nicks natal chart

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