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What Geminis Give to Us

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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I was recently sorting through old photos and letters. I have saved letters from 2 friends who have written to me over the years. Both are Scorpios with Moon in Gemini. Gemini is of course the sign of the writer and many writers have Sun or Moon in Gemini.

The first friend, with Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini is a good friend I met in law school. She would write me 9 page single spaced, double sided letters on legal pads. She has beautiful handwriting. Except for law school, we have lived on opposite coasts for most of our friendship, but I have kept her letters for many years. Her letters were works of art, very philosophical about the key issues that arise for young adults. All that searching for lovers and jobs and the meaning of life. Before sending the letters back to her after these many years, I have been reading them once again, and they are classics.

The second friend I know from an astrology group in Madison, Wisconsin. Her letters are shorter but have clever astrological references. This friend has Moon in Gemini in the 9th house (publication, and she did publish a book of poetry) and Gemini on the Midheaven with Uranus conjunct the Midheaven. Her letters are playful and since not a lot of my friends speak *astrology* always fun to read.

Also, both friends have Mercury in Scorpio conjunct my Sun, so our communication is easy and immediate. The first time I went to lunch with my law school friend I spent the entire time weeping over a love affair gone wrong. I wondered why she would want to know me better. She just said she thought I was interesting. The Mercury Sun conjunction between two people is a gift.

These letters got me thinking how entertaining those with Gemini in their charts can be. I am generally a reader, reading between 1-3 books per week, and although I love the movies I rarely watch TV shows. During COVID, I watched some of the great movies and TV shows that Neptune in Pisces has brought to us. Geminis no doubt played a large part in creating those shows. Here are a few examples.

Aaron Sorkin is a Gemini. He wrote the first four seasons of West Wing, and the screen play of some amazing movies, including the *The Trial of the Chicago 7* and *A few Good Men*. His way with words is brilliant. He has Sun in Gemini in an exact sextile to Mars in Leo.

Another Gemini who can really hold the attention of an audience is Hugh Laurie who plays the brilliant doctor in House. Laurie has Sun and Mercury in Gemini. Although he is a Brit he played the many seasons of House with an American accent.

I have Jupiter in Gemini and they say whatever sign your Jupiter is in magnifies the presence of that sign in your chart. So I may be predisposed to liking those with Gemini predominant in their charts. I have a weakness for those with wit. But you don't have to have any Gemini to appreciate this sign. And you don't need to have Gemini in your chart to pick up a pen and write a letter to your friend or family. Everyone has Mercury somewhere in their charts. Here is a short summary of Mercury in the signs:

Mercury in Aries: Quick to speak and direct.

Mercury in Taurus: They think before they speak. They may take their time.

Mercury in Gemini: Strong placement, often very witty. In its own sign.

Mercury in Cancer: Good listener. Intuitive. Mercury in Leo: Wants to be heard, and will jump into the coversation.

Mercury in Virgo: Can be witty. Good with details. Can sometimes be known to lecture.

Mercury in Libra: Likes to talk about relationships. All about what is fair.

Mercury in Scorpio: Deep. Not interested in small talk.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Their thoughts are like shooting stars. Words tumble forth without filtering at times, which can get them in trouble. Honest to a fault.

Mercury in Capricorn: Also someone who thinks it through before speaking. Mercury in Aquarius: Brilliant and unconvential. Mercury in Pisces: A great story teller.

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