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Will Smith -Aquarius MC

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Will Smith with wife at Oscars ceremony

On Sunday night at the Academy Awards Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor for the movie *King Richard*. Just prior to receiving the award the host of the show made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's very short hair, referring to seeing her in GI Jane 2. Jada has alopecia, which causes hair loss. The joke did not sit well with her spouse who jumped up and slapped the host.

In tears when accepting his award a short time later, an openly emotional Will Smith apologized to the Academy for the slap. As the Seattle Times noted, Smith is an actor who rarely loses his cool. Looking at his chart, all of his planets, except Saturn, are below the horizon. When most planets are below the horizon, even the famous are likely to live behind a veil. Even Saturn, which is above the horizon, is hidden in the 12th house. Interestingly Jada Pinkett Smith has all her planets above the horizon except for Mars at 12 Aquarius in the 3rd house, so she is being talked about as well. Her north node is 14 Aquarius, on Will's Midheaven. Nodes are often connecting points in partners charts. With Aquarius on the Midheaven, an air sign, Will Smith knows how to look and be cool. For the last 7 years though, his progressed Midheaven (what we show the world) has been in the fire sign Aries. According to Smith, since around 2012 he wanted to change and grow as a person. Since then he has embraced social media and started to share his emotional life with the world. There was a new moon eclipse on his otherwise private Moon in Scorpio in November of that year. Uranus also opposed his Libra Sun that year.

What was interesting about Sunday night was the stellium in Aquarius on Will Smith's Midheaven. Saturn and Juno were at 21 Aquarius. Saturn in the 10th equates with career peaks, and he won the Oscar. Venus joined Juno and Saturn in Aquarius that night. Venus Saturn can be hurt feelings, but Venus Saturn combined with Juno (the goddess of marriage) is about commitment and apparently also protecting one's partner.

We often don't think about hair, but it is there to protect our otherwise vulnerable skull, so folks who lose their hair can feel emotionally vulnerable. The Venus Juno Saturn triple conjunction was close to a Moon Mars conjunction also in Aquarius that night. Thus the slap. Mars is the god of war, and the comment by the host elicited a very emotional response.

What has come of this open altercation is a strong discussion of values on social media. Aquarius is an air sign after all. And note that the Sun was at 7 Aries on Will Smith's progressed Midheaven on Sunday night, so he was doubly in the spotlight. Will's progressed Sun and Neptune (movies) are now conjunct at 26 Scorpio. Feelings run deep in Scorpio.

Horoscope of Will Smith

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