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Roz Chast

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Roz Chast in backyard

My favorite cartoonist Roz Chast has a new book out on October 24th called *I must be Dreaming*. As would be expected by anyone who has read her books or followed her cartoons in the New Yorker over the past 40 plus years, she has a really interesting chart.

Chast is a triple Sagittarius. Her Sun and Moon are both in Sagittarius, as is her Ascendant. While not a lover of nature (she does not like the woods-there is no earth in her chart), she is completely honest. Anyone who has read *Can we talk about something more Pleasant* can verify that. Sagittarius is known for being prescient. In one interview Roz talks about seeing a Christopher Street magazine and thinking *If I pick this up it will change my life.* She started selling cartoons to them for $10 each back in the 70s. Her Moon in Sagittarius is in the 12th house of dreams and the unconscious, and her Sun is on the cusp of the 12th. 12th house planets, especially the moon, do allow one to tap into the unconsious.

As befits an artist, her Midheaven is in the sign Libra along with Neptune in the 10th. Her Neptune is square to Uranus and Jupiter and trine to Mars in Aquarius. Neptune in the 10th can often indicate glamour, think of Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana. With the square to Uranus the women in Chast's cartoons are the opposite of glamorous, usually looking very frazzled and anxious.

Neptune in the 10th house is a common placement in the charts of artists and movie stars. She has a very Neptune/Pisces chart, with Neptune angular and two planets in the 12th house.

Mars in Aquarius is rarely boring and Chast has this placement in the 2nd house. Vivienne Westwood and Joanne Woodward also have Mars in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is unusual, and always highly creative.

In terms of her childhood, Chast has written and spoken about her difficult mother who was prone to rage at times, and how she (Roz) could not wait to grow up. The ruler of her 4th house of home is Mars in Aquarius oppose Pluto in the 8th. This reflects her mother.

Chast left home at 16 and went to college. I ran her Solar Return (see below) for the year she was finally able to escape what was a lonely childhood. Fittingly, Jupiter is right on the Ascendant in Scorpio, so her entire universe expanded. Also Neptune in the Solar Return rises at 0 Sagittarius. She went to college for art, ending up with a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, the best art school in the country. The Sun is conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in this Solar Return. Very fitting for a focus on art. Psyche in the 7th could mean she was finding her soulmates.

In terms of progressions the year she left home, in April of 1971 her progressed moon was conjunct Jupiter in the 7th at 29 Cancer. Venus also was conjunct her Sun in 1971 by Solar Arc progression. And, her progressed Moon went into Leo on April 14, 1971.

She sold her first cartoon to the New Yorker in April of 1978. Around that time her progressed Sun was quincunx Uranus. Also, she had progressed Mercury conjunct the Ascendant. Progressed Moon was conjunct Neptune Juno in the 10th square Jupiter in the 7th. Mercury of course is key in a chart for humor, and her natal Mercury is graced by a conjunction to Venus and Saturn. The prominent Jupiter/Sagittarius theme also helps immensely when looking for wit in a chart.

The chart ruler is Jupiter at 29 Cancer in the 7th house, which is the house of marriage. She was able to create a new family with her spouse Bill Franzen and two children. Jupiter placed in the 7th does bring luck in marriage, especially in the sign of Cancer. So Chast has a Sagittarius sun in a trine aspect to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. Given a tough childhood, this is a protective aspect. There is an element of good luck that comes with this placement. She had a belief in the future that awaited her.

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