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I learned astrology in London over 40 years ago. It has been a lifelong passion.  I can provides horoscopes over zoom and in person. Using the unique alignment of the stars at your time and place of birth I can give you an overview of your natal chart. I approach each chart in holistic manner, using the luminaries, the planets and the angles. Computerized horoscopes are not able to provide the type of in depth analysis that practiced astrologers can offer.  

An astrology reading looks at the overall personality, as well as what current opportunities are manifesting in the present and near future.  I discuss the relationship of the planets in the sky at present and how they relate to your natal chart. In addition, an explanation of  progressions and solar returns will be provided with each reading. There will be time at the end of each session for questions. I take a very positive approach to each reading.


I found Peg’s work to be intensely thorough, thoughtful and startlingly accurate. A reading with Peg can give you great insight into the whys and hows of your life and help to answer some of the mysteries of life.

- Kim B.

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