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A True Fairy Tale

Young Alma with violin

There was once a little girl who had a father who was a linguist. He and his wife taught the daughter all of her colors except for the color blue. He wanted to see if she would name the sky with the color blue.  When first asked the color of the sky, she was puzzled, as the sky was not an object. When asked again she said white. Then, on the third time, she stated what we all believe to be true, that the sky is blue. (See the Atlantic archive).

One has to imagine that this would be an interesting child with such a father. And she is. Her name is Alma Deutscher, and she is about to turn 19 on Feb. 19. So it is her golden birthday. She is a bit of a fairy tale come true, and someone who has made the world a more beautiful place. 

Alma started to play the piano at 2, and the violin at 3. At age 6 she  composed a piano sonata and by age 9 a concerto for violin and orchestra. A full opera based on Cinderella (with a nice twist that Cinderella was a composer) made its debut when she was 12. She has synesthesia, which is the experience of seeing colors with musical notes. 

She was home schooled as her parents realized a school would not give her the freedom her intense creativity required. 

I don't have a birth time for Alma, but a sunrise chart is below. She has a stellium in Pisces- Sun, Juno, Mercury and Uranus, all conjunct. Pisces is of course the sign of music. And Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is conjunct Venus in Aquarius in a close trine with Jupiter in Libra. Her moon is in Cancer. A very feeling chart. Famous musicians have commented on the extraordinary range of emotions expressed in her compositions. 

Alma has fought back against the idea that beautiful music is out, and does her best to fill the world with harmony, a task at which she succeeded quite well. See Siren Sounds to listen to her waltz played at  Carnegie Hall to get an idea of her talent. 

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