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What's Next for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was in the news in a major way this year. Her Eras Tour which concluded last summer was the highest grossing tour in history and collected over $1 billion. She is the first billionaire with music as the main source of income. Time named her person of the year in 2023. 

What was going on this year that brought her even more before the public eye? 

On July 2, 2023 her  Ascendant progressed to conjunct her Sun at 21 Sagittarius 23. On July 7th, her progressed Sun was in exact sextile to her Ascendant. This is a double whammy for fame and glory. It also brought her a new beau, the football player Travis Kelce. A significant romance is one likely outcome of a progressed aspect  to the Sun. 

Taylor's chart shows her powerful persona. She is a Sagittarius Sun, with Scorpio rising, and Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio, which is a very powerful Mars, in its own sign and angular. She might have an interesting birth story. She is a fighter, and a champion of artists' rights. 

Her female fans are numerous and adore her. She has Moon in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house, which has the potential to be very nurturing, as well as a great role model. 

Taylor's progressed Moon moved into Libra on Jan.13, 2024, so the next few years will find her focused on relationships and social activities after a period of really hard work when her progressed Moon was in Virgo. Another significant shift for her is that progressed Venus will move into Capricorn at the end of February, so she may end up settling down romantically. Taylor was born with natal Venus at 1 Aquarius, which is very independent. She will be moving toward deepening her current relationship as this month Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio, and her chart co-ruler, will conjunct her natal Venus. This will cause an evolution in her feelings about love. 

I don't have a birth time for Travis Kelce, but he was born October 5, 1989. What really stands out about his chart in relation to Taylor's is that his Venus (goddess of love and beauty) is 26 Scorpio, exactly conjunct Taylor's  Mars and Ascendant. She personifies the perfect woman for him. This is a highly sexual and romantic connection. He has Sun Mars in Libra, so he is both masculine but has good social skills as well. His moon in the sign Sagittarius is the same as her Sun sign Sagittarius. Per Carl Jung, the Sun Moon connection between two charts is very common in marriage. 

Other key dates for Taylor coming up in the next year are August 7, 2024, when her progressed Sun sextiles Mars and Feb. 4, 2025 when her progressed Mars is conjunct her natal Sun. Also not to be missed is her progressed Venus trine to Jupiter on Feb. 20, 2025. This is a very happy aspect. 

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Feb 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great write up! Who doesn’t love love?

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