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Jupiter Returns

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

On Dec. 19th, 2020 Jupiter returns to Aquarius after 12 years. Whatever sign Jupiter is in is revisited by Jupiter every 12 years. What can we know about Jupiter in Aquarius? We know that Jupiter magnifies, and in the sign Aquarius it magnifies progressive ideas and what's good for all as opposed to the one. We can look back to the past to see what the future might bring. 12 years ago when Jupiter was in Aquarius in Jan. 2008 Barack Obama was inaugurated as President. In 1997 (also Jupiter in Aquarius) there was a landslide victory in England for the Labor Party. In 1985 the first version of Microsoft Word was released and the very philosophical and much loved cartoon Calvin and Hobbes debuted. But what about your own Jupiter return? If your natal Jupiter is in Aquarius then 2021 is your Jupiter return and you can expect good things to happen in whatever house Jupiter is placed in or rules. Even if it is not your Jupiter return, you can expect little (or big) pleasures as Jupiter transits the house with Aquarius on the cusp. So if in 1985 you had a baby as Jupiter entered your Aquarian 5th house this time around you might be getting news of a grandchild. If your 10th house of career has Aquarius on the cusp and you got a promotion or a new job in 2008, you might be due for another one now. If you have Jupiter in the 7th house of marriage, this should be a good year for your marriage. Note Saturn is travling with Jupiter so make sure you do the work to get the benefits of Jupiter. If you were one of the many folks Obama hired to work in the government back in 2008 as Jupiter touched a positive point in your chart, as it returns now, you might be called back to work for Joe Biden this time around. The progressive candidate will become the President in January. As Jupiter moves into Aquarius in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, hope arrives in the announcement of successful vaccines. However Jupiter is paired with Saturn right now, and the grand conjunction occurs on the 21st of December, so as long as these two travel together hope is paired with individual responsibility. And potentially delays in getting the vaccine to all, as Saturn slows the process. However with Jupiter having moved out of Capricorn (Saturn's sign) there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A hardworking young doctor I know has Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in the 12th. It has been a tough year. But as Jupiter reaches her Moon-Jupiter conjunction (so her Jupiter return) she will finally get vaccinated. Jupiter placed in the natal 12th house can be a guardian angel. As Howard Sasportas writes in The Twelve Houses: "The poet Holderlin wrote that 'where this is darkness, the saving powers also rise.' This is one of the most important ramifications of Jupiter in the 12th-just when things seem the most hopeless and bleak Jupiter arrives out of nowhere and salvages the situation. Those with this placement may feel as if they have a guardian angel, which appears in the nick of time with a shiny new 'get out of jail free card'." Image credit:

"Venus-Jupiter-Moon Trifecta (NASA, Marshall, 03/25/12)"by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0"Venus-Jupiter-Moon Trifecta (NASA, Marshall, 03/25/12)"by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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