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Wedding Planning

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Planning a wedding?

Don't forget to schedule it for an astrologically auspicious time. One of the silver linings of being married nowadays is that weddings are no longer limited to Saturday and Sunday. This gives you a chance to choose without limiting to weekend. The time you exchange vows sets the tone for your married life and is the horoscope of your marriage. Some simple rules are easy to apply with a minimal knowledge of astrology: The moon should be waxing rather than waning. The ruler of the first and seventh houses should be in harmony. Place Venus and Jupiter on the angles. The Sun and Moon should be in harmony as should Venus and Mars. Attempt to put the inner planets in signs of their ruler or dignity, especially Venus and Mars, and the Moon. If that is not possible, try to avoid placing them in fall or detriment. A handy table listing essential dignities can assist. The planets should make harmonious aspects to the natal charts of those who are planning to marry. A prominent Saturn at the time of the wedding does not mean a bad marriage, it may simply mean an enduring one. However, I would not put Saturn on the Ascendant. Squares are equated with lessons and growth, and trines and sextiles with ease. A conjunction depends upon the nature of the planets. Moon conjunct Venus would be fine for a wedding, but Moon conjunct Mars or Saturn (or in square or opposition) would not. The moon is all important in electional astrology, so do look to the moon first and foremost. Since the 7th house rules marriage, placing the Sun, Venus or Jupiter in that house would be desirable. The Sun will be in the 7th house at sunset. The Sun in the 8th house at the time of the wedding usually indicates wealth. The Sun in the 5th house would favor children. To enhance communication, look to a strongly placed Mercury and third house.

Tips for for a great wedding Jupiter in Taurus is especially nice and lends fertility to the chart. It will stay in this sign until May 24, 2024. If you have natal planets in Taurus that can be your time to wed. Venus enters Libra in on August 29, 2024 and stays there until stays there until Sept. 22, 2024. Jupiter in Gemini is in a positive aspect to Venus for part of that time.

Make sure the inner planets are in a sign favorable to them and put the benefics are on an angle. The Moon changes signs every 2.5 days and makes a multitude of aspects. If in doubt consult an astrologer. Don't fret if you can't find the perfect date. There is no such thing. Only less and more harmonious charts.

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