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Precognition in the Chart

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

What will 2021 bring? Many of us would like a crystal ball at times to see what the future will bring. That may be why astrology is so popular in chaotic times like the present. Some people actually have charts that allow them glimpses of the future or charts that can read the energy field of people to connect with time and space from the past. What in the chart gives us this type of insight? I would argue it is mainly a strong Jupiter, so this would include sign placements in Sagittarius and Pisces as well as Jupiter well placed in the chart. A very clear example is this quote from Winston Churchill when he was 16 years old (July 1891) and speaking to a friend after evensong in chapel. Discussing his life plans he stated: "I can see vast changes coming over a now peaceful world, great upheavals, terrible struggle; wars such as one cannot imagine; and I tell you London will be attacked and I shall be very prominent in the defence of London. I see further ahead than you do, I see into the future. This country will be subjected somehow, to a tremendous invasion, by what means I do not know, but I tell you I shall be in command of the defences of London and I shall save London and England from disaster..dreams of the future are blurred but the main objective is clear. I repeat-London will be in danger and in my high position I shall occupy it, it will fall to me to save the capital and save the Empire." (from page 23 of Churchill: Walking with Destiny by Andrew Roberts.) Churchill had a very Jupiterian chart. A Mars Jupiter conjunction in the first house, Juptier opposite Neptune in the 8th, and Sun and Venus in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. Planets in the water houses, especially the 8th and 12th, also contribute to precognition, as well as planets in the third and ninth, the ninth being the house of Sagittarius and in a sense our future, and expansion of the mind. Another very famous Jupiterian, Albert Einstein, had this to say about time: "People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time, in other words, he said, is an illusion." Einstein was a Pisces Sun, with Pisces Midheaven, and Jupiter in the 9th (its own house) in Aquarius (square to Pluto) and Moon in Sagittarius in the 6th, square to the MC. Uranus is in the 3rd house quincunx Mercury Saturn. He did not speak till he was four. My sister in law has a Pisces Midheaven and a grand trine involving Sun Moon Jupiter in earth signs in the water houses. She has dreams that feature future events. Once she had the same dream three nights in a row, after which she told her father. He was a Pisces and told her he had had the same dream. It came true. One of my best friends has Sagittarius rising with a Moon Jupiter conjunction in Gemini in the 7th trine Neptune. She also has a good sense of what will take place and glimpse of the future. These things are not always under our control. It is as if a little window opens and then shuts and we have seen ahead. In my own chart I have Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th trine Venus Neptune in Libra in the first house. Jupiter is in mutual reception with Mercury at zero Sagittarius in the second. Jupiter rules my third house. I have had dreams, visions and hard to explain occurrences that visit me from time to time that cannot be rationally explained. There is more to this world than meets the eye. Photo courtesy of Fogg Art Museum at Harvard: Sir Edward Burne-Jones: The Days of Creation


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