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The Fascination of What's Difficult - Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Paul Newman w arm around Joanne Woodward

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are the subjects of a recent documentary called The Last Movie Stars, so I looked up their charts. Famously for a Hollywood couple they were married for 50 years. What's even more interesting is they both have Pluto on the 7th house cusp.

Pluto in the 7th has a tough reputation for marriage, unless you go deep. And they apparently did really well with Pluto over those 50 years. The relationship was helped immensely in that they had a Sun Moon tie both ways. When a partner's Sun is in the same sign as the other person's Moon this is one of the best marriage ties. Joanne is Sun conjunct Venus in Pisces, and Paul had Moon in Pisces. He was an Aquarius, and Joanne had Moon Mars and Mercury in Aquarius. Adding to all of the above, Paul's Sun in parallel to Joanne's Moon.

His Uranus was conjunct her Venus and her Uranus in Aries was square to his Venus in Capricorn. Venus Uranus is a high romance/sexual compatibility kind of tie. Paul claimed Joanne turned him into a sexual being. Her experimental Mars in Aquarius probably gets some credit there.

Both these two movie stars have Capricorn rising, so there is a shared way of seeing the world, Paul's Jupiter is conjunct her Ascendant and Saturn. Joanne's Jupiter is trine to his Sun in Aquarius. Jupiter conjunctions to a personal planet are highly desirable in any long term partnership.

Both parties have Cancer on the 7th house cusp, which means his 7th house ruler is Moon in Pisces (Joanne) and her 7th house ruler is Moon in Aquarius (Paul). They both have angular Saturns and Capricorn rising. Pluto in the 7th can be very passionate if the commitment is there, and it was in this marriage.

This is not to say it was all easy. He was an alcoholic and at one point that was a threat to their marriage. His son from his first marriage died of a drug overdose.

They married around 6pm in Las Vegas on Jan. 29, 1958. (Lois Rodden-Profiles of Women) In the wedding chart the Sun is exactly opposite Uranus. Not what you would expect for a 50 year marriage! He did travel a good deal making movies, so that probably helped give them needed time and space apart. Those with Aquarius strong need their space. The Sun Uranus in the marriage chart also reflects the fact that the husband was a race car driver.

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