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Powerhouse Susan Tedeschi

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sometimes you run into or come across someone so interesting you just have to know what their chart is. This summer we saw the Tedeschi Trucks Band at Wolftrap, an outdoor venue in Virginia.

I had of course heard Susan Tedeschi before, maybe even once in person. This summer I was dazzled by her amazing voice.

Her birth time is available on Astrotheme and it is a chart that matches the power in her voice. Here is a quote about that power from the Chicago Tribune in Jan. 2018.

"To celebrate her football team's first playoff appearance in 10 years, Susan Tedeschi sang the national anthem. Or, rather, at the Jacksonville Jaguars' EverBank Field earlier this month, she blasted the hinges off the national anthem."

She has Pisces rising, appropriate for someone who makes their living through music. The chart ruler, Neptune, is at 0 Degrees Sagittarius on the cusp of the 9th house in a perfect trine to Moon at 0 Aries in the first house. The Moon is applying to Neptune. The fact that both are at 0 degrees is striking. The Moon applies to Neptune, and is at the beginning point of the zodiac, known as a critical degree. Moon in Aries is a very strong person, who can take charge in just about any situation. *Can do* is the motto of those with the Moon in this sign.

A personal planet in a tight aspect to Neptune is often an indicator of musical talent.

With planets at zero degrees some astrologers would say the person is here to learn about that sign, implying a new soul in those areas. However, that would not seem to go with Susan's chart, as other parts of her chart indicate an old soul. In house 8, she has a truly powerful stellium in Scorpio. The Sun is exactly conjunct Jupiter at 16 Scorpio, with Venus at 17 Scorpio and Mercury at 24 Scorpio, all in the Scorpio house. Dispositing all of that Scorpio is Pluto in house 7 at 28 Virgo 56. Late Virgo is associated with perfection. The entire Scorpio stellium is oppose Saturn, so she is self made.

Susan is also an amazing guitarist, playing with Eric Clapton, and also her husband, Derek Trucks, one of the best slide guitarists of all time, who started playing with the Allman Brothers when he was just 20. Derek is a Gemini with Mercury in Gemini in the last degree. This indicates manual dexterity, along with a love of words in one form or another.

Susan Tedeschi and Butch Trucks with Guitars

Both Susan and Derek were child prodigies. Although Susan said she would never marry a guitarist or a Gemini, she met her match in Derek July of 1999 when she was the opening act for the Allman Brothers. They bonded over their mutual respect/love for Mahalia Jackson. The fact that Derek is both a guitarist and a Gemini was apparently not an impediment. HIs Moon is in Scorpio unless he was born after 11:15 pm. That would mean they are a pretty darn good match. Sun conjunct Moon between two charts is one of the best ties, per Carl Jung, the philosopher. Throw in Venus and Jupiter with Mercury and you know it is meant to be. Also, his Mars in Taurus is exactly oppose her Sun Venus, and his Uranus is conjunct her Sun Venus. This is a coup de foudre.

Another affinity is his Mars oppose Uranus has similar electric energy to her Mars Uranus conjunction in the7th house. The fact that they both play electric guitars is fitting, and a perfect way to use the at times volatile Mars Uranus energy.

This summer Susan has her Jupiter return in Scorpio for most of the summer. This only amplifies the power in her fabulous voice.

horoscope of Susan Tedeschi

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