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Sandra Day O'Connor

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sanda Day O'Connor being sworn in with Chief Justice and her husband

Following up on the Aquarian theme, the first female Supreme Court Justice has the Moon in Aquarius. This fits for someone who had to break boundaries to become the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court. O'Connor's Moon in Aquarius is in the second house, in a perfect trine to the Midheaven, (the career point) and sextile Venus in the 3rd. The Aquarian theme is emphasized by the fact that she has Sun and Venus in Aries conjunct the planet Uranus, which rules the sign Aquarius. What this means is that she is an independent thinker, par excellence.

O'Connor also had another key theme in her chart, that got her where she was going. She has Capricorn rising, the sign of hard work, with the planetary ruler of Capricorn (Saturn) in the first house. Her son Scott recalled seeing his parents poring over yellow legal pads after dinner and thought, is this what it's like to be a grown up, more homework? (First, by Evan Thomas, page 76)

Sandra Day O'Connor was her father's child. She grew up on a ranch where he taught her to brand a calf and fire a rifle (before she was ten) and how to drive a truck as soon as she could see over the dashboard. (Thomas, page 70)

O'Connor was also the first female majority leader of the state Senate in Arizona. She has to deal with many men, not all of them intelligent or respectful. At one meeting with a notorious drinker who was a member of the Legislature who routinely showed up at ten in the morning for work after hitting the bar, he told O'Connor *If you were a man, I'd hit you in the nose.* She replied *If you were a man, you could.* (Thomas, page 89)

The chart for Sandra Day O'Connor shows an angular t-square, Saturn in Capricorn in the first house, square Sun Venus Uranus in Aries in the 3rd house, with Saturn opposed to Pluto in the 7th house in Capricorn. She is a good testament to the astrological aphorism that those with T-squares are not boring. That was not her only T-square. She also had Mars in Pisces in the 2nd oppose Neptune in the 8th square Jupiter in Gemini on the cusp of the 6th.

She and her husband, John O'Connor, were such good dancers that when they took to the floor, everyone else would stop to watch. They had a great social life which she balanced with her hard work on the Court. Her husband was also a well respected lawyer. She had powerful partners. (Pluto in the 7th) Not only did she marry someone powerful (John O'Connor was born Jan. 10, 1930 and had Sun Venus Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, square to her Aries stellium) but she often dealt on close basis with some of the key Justices on the Supreme Court.

True to her Saturn, O'Connor was dutiful. When her spouse was ill toward the end of his life, she left her position on the Supreme Court to care for him.

The Moon in Aquarius probably helped make her the swing vote on the Court for a long period of time. Although appointed by a Republican president, she voted with both the conservative and liberal members of the Court. Her three sons were well behaved, but given a good deal of freedom growing up. Also a Moon in Aquarius trait.

She was the balance on the Court. Libra Midheaven.

horoscope of Sandra Day O'Connor

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