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Venus in Cancer Cousins

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Young woman with young child on her lap

Venus in Cancer is about security, coziness, love of family and nurturing love. Venus in Cancer is quite possibly the sweetest placement of Venus, and very protective of those they love.

As a chart ruler, Venus in Cancer grants beauty. In the photo on this page, the woman has Taurus rise, with Venus in Cancer conjunct her Cancer Sun and Moon in the third house. Look how cozy the sweater she is wearing looks. And look how cozy the little boy looks in her arms.

The little boy, who is the woman's first cousin once removed, has Libra rise, with Venus in Cancer in the 10th, and a Cancer Midheaven. He is one of the most loving children I have met. Not surprisingly, his mother has Venus in Cancer conjunct Jupiter, with her Jupiter on his Venus. She has done a great job of getting him to express his emotions.

Jupiter in Libra in the first in the boy's chart is square to his Venus, magnifying the effect of Venus. And Venus in both charts of these two in the photo is contacting Uranus, as an opposition in the woman's chart (with Neptune) and as a square in the boy's chart. When Venus in a chart touches many planets, everything is softened by the goddess of love and beauty.

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